Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to me!!!! With my photography business building and in full swing, I have decided to change my website information. You can now find me at www.rebeccabephotography.com I am so grateful for my clients and feel blessed to do what I love!

Monday, January 14, 2013

{dixie} Boise Family Photographer

What a way to begin the New Year then a family photo shoot with Sabrina, Delaney and their cute little puppy! Dixie, was a surprise given to Delaney on Christmas Eve and is quite the sweet little thing! The love between this mother/daughter duo was so evident.  Delaney is adored by her mom and has made her mom so proud.  Sabrina has been trying to schedule their photoshoot for a few years and she has told me over and over, "Delaney is so photogenic."  Sabrina wasn't lying!  Not only is she beautiful but she is smart and caring;   she even invited me and my boys out to lunch afterwards!  Thanks for the fun, the adventure, and the pizza lunch date!  I hope my boys find someone as great as you Delaney in a 11 years or so! Blog_1 Blog_2 Blog_3 Blog_4

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Katie and Jordan} Bridal Pictures Hope, Idaho

In a small town named Hope(population 80-ish), 2 young adults fell in love over kyaking, Skype, and a little guy named Matthew! Katie found her Prince Charming, and Jordan fell for adorable and sophisticated Katie over a Christmas break and planned to marry 6 months later. Their destination wedding took me to one of the most beautiful towns where there are lush green feilds galore, a boat marina straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and a lake that is crisp and breath taking. I was in heaven; in the midst of these two that couldn't keep their hands off each other, as they embarked in their new life together! Blog1 Blog2 Blog3 Blog4

Monday, January 7, 2013

(Activity Days)

A few years ago I shared many Tuesday afternoons with these sweet girls.  Soon, I will be sharing many Wednesday evenings with these smiley, creative, smart, comical, caring girls.  Hurry up and turn 12 Activity Day Girls!  (I am sure your parents will NOT like me rushing you to grow!)  Stay kind, true, and strong and I will see you in a very short while when I can finally call you girls my Young Women's instead of my Activity Day Girls! 

Activity Blog 9 Activity Blog 8 Activity Blog 7 Activity Blog 6 Activity Blog 5 Activity Blog 4 Activity Blog 3 Activity Blog 1 Activity Blog 2

Monday, September 24, 2012

{Englehorn Family} Boise Family Photographer

Any morning spent with the Englehorn family is a morning that makes me smile! I have many examples of fantastic phenomenal mothers in my life, and I would put Brenda at the top. For example, her youngest daughter wanted more out of softball then what Boise had to offer, so, Brenda drives Ashlyn to Washington each weekend. She is a faux mother for many children in her preschool/daycare, and I am sure she plays the mother role to many of her children's friends. Brenda, you inspire me and make me want to be better. Here's to you and your "BEST" children. E Family_7bw E Family_8 E Family_9bw E Family_11 E Family_13bw E Family_17 E Family_23 E Family_28bw

{Hello Eli!} Borah High School Senior Boise Idaho Senior

This guy is beyond impressive. Not only does he play Varsity Football and Soccer, he is also one of the sweetest teenagers I have ever met. He is also a mama's boy which is tender to my heart. Being a mom of two young boys, I truly hope my boys look up to me the way Eli looks up to his mother (who, by the way, joined us for these pictures.). We braved the streets of Nampa, saw many adults dressed up in furry costumes (and I wont go into details about them because rumor has it, they do naughty things in those nasty costumes), and listened to the sweet sounds of Cinco de Mayo music. May the joys of college life treat you right Eli!

Eli_19 Eli_17bw Eli_15 Eli_14 Eli_12bw Eli_11 Eli_9 Eli_1 Eli_32 Eli_27 Eli_29 Eli_37bw

Did I mention Eli is a "working model" at Hollister? I am sure many hoodies are sold in Boise due to Eli's charm!

Eli_38bw Eli_39bw

{bryar} is one! Star Idaho Child Photographer

I feel the need to re-introduce myself! Welcome back to my blog, it feels so great to be home! I have been in hibernation over the last 9 months or so, and that is NOT because of what you might be thinking. I have been given the wonderful opportunity and great responsibility to work with the Young Women in my church as their president. (if you don't know what Young Women's is or what it is all about, feel free to click on the link. I am so honored and truly blessed to have the privledge to work with these young women!) Thanks to all who have remained strong supporters of Be Photography of Idaho; I couldn't do what I love without your smiling faces and beautiful families! Here is Bryar! Bryar comes from the hottest mom, sweetest dad, and smiliest big brother. This was the 4th time I have taken their picture. I would easily take their picture weekly if I could, you can't get any more fun or sweeter then a night at the lake! Just to warn you, picture OVERLOAD! And, did I mention his hot mama? Yeah, she is in some too! Seriously, once you take a glance at her, you will wonder to yourself, "How could she have birthed 2 children?" Seriously. The moment I got out of the car and saw her svelt self I sucked in my gut and continued to do so the entire shoot! (that is what I get for eating junk for 5 hours straight driving from Central Oregon directly to the shoot. Chex Mix-Turtle flavor, MY FAV!) Bryar_26bw Bryar_16bw Bryar_25 Bryar_13 Bryar__14 Bryar_12 Bryar_17 Bryar_18 Bryar_19bw Bryar_22bw Bryar_21bw Bryar_20 Bryar_30 Bryar_2 Bryar_5 Bryar_4
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